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7 Chakra Tree Of Life Pendant Necklace

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  • 7 chakra stones arranged on rose colored copper wire branches in a beautiful tree look.
  • Handmade tree of life chakra pendant necklace is associated with knowledge and wisdom and promotes beauty, health, good luck, and healing
  • Chain Length:18 inches +1.69 inches for pendant
  • Natural Gemstones include:
    • Quartz Crystal (crown chakra),
    • Pink crystal (sacral chakra),
    • Amethyst (third-eye chakra),
    • Green Aventurine (heart chakra),
    • Blue-veins stone (throat chakra),
    • Red agate (root chakra),
    • Redstone (navel chakra)
  • Pendant measures 43mm (1.69inches) in diameter

Beautiful handcraft wire wrapped natural crystal tree of life pendant necklace. The Tree of Life is also known as The Tree of Knowledge. The Natural Gemstone are good for health and have been used in science, religion, philosophy, mythology, and other areas for thousands of years. When you wear it, it promotes beauty, health, good luck, and healing.

Measurements: 45mm (1.69inches) in diameter. Lead, nickel, cadmium safe.

Each Colored Crystal Represents:

  • I am Divine
  • I am Connected
  • I am Expressive
  • I am Loved
  • I am Strong
  • I am Creative
  • I am Safe

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